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The Wedding Ring: Everything You Need to Know

New designs of engagement rings are introduced on an annual basis. It is recommended that you stay current with these trends if you are considering popping the question in 2022 or 2023. Even if selecting an engagement ring that is well-suited to the person who will wear it is the most crucial part of the process, it is still beneficial to be informed of the most recent fashion trends. If you are familiar with the current trends, you may be able to find a gorgeous design. It is also essential to be familiar with your spending plan and to adhere to it.

How much money should you put into a ring for your wedding?

The typical cost of an engagement ring is in excess of $5,000, whereas the typical cost of a wedding ring is close to $1,000. According to the findings of the Knot 2020 Jewelry and Engagement Study, the average cost of an engagement ring now exceeds $5,000. This is the price that is considered to be “normal” for a nation. According to the findings of research that was carried out in the United States in 2019, the average price of a wedding band for a woman was found to be $1,000, while the average price of a wedding band for a man was found to be $510.

Shop Early and Do Your Research

The organization of a wedding requires a significant amount of preparation, and the week leading up to the big day will be filled with a lot of little things to think about and stress about. You don’t have to put the wedding rings at the bottom of the list if you don’t want to. Finding the ideal wedding band requires the same amount of patience as searching for the ideal engagement ring. Because you want to keep this on your ring finger for the rest of your life, it is important that you choose the ideal ring for this purpose.

Set a budget for your wedding rings

When looking for wedding rings, you should go into the process with a firm idea of your spending limit. This will not only assist you in finding a wedding ring within your price range, but it will also assist you in avoiding disappointment. If you do not have a price range in mind while you are shopping for a ring online, you run the risk of falling in love with something that is very out of your price range. The Irish Jewelry Company recommends that prospective buyers “determine your budget before commencing your search.” “Then, while you are dealing with your online jeweler or shopping online, be honest and straightforward about what it is you are looking for. It is not impossible to get the wedding ring of your dreams while still sticking to your financial plan.”

When is the best time to purchase wedding rings?

So, when do you purchase your wedding rings? We suggest starting your wedding planning around three to four months in advance. This provides you with plenty of time to look at several designs of rings, make a few visits to the store to try them on, and discuss with your partner which bands are most suitable for you and the way you live your life.

Who gets to pay for the wedding band?

The customary approach to handle this situation is for the bride to pay for the husband’s wedding ring as well as a gift, while the groom is responsible for paying for the bride’s engagement ring as well as the wedding band that matches it. Today, a more contemporary approach that is used by many couples is to acknowledge the wedding rings as a shared investment by both parties involved in the marriage.

Include Your Own Unique Style in the Design.

Consider the pieces of jewelry you currently possess as well as the things that strike your attention while you’re out shopping. Do you consider yourself more of a person who prefers yellow gold, white gold, or sterling silver? Do you have any particular stones that you think are preferable to others? Is your style more classic and enduring, or more on the cutting edge of the latest trends? Which of these three traditional Irish wedding ring designs—the Claddagh, the triskele, or the Celtic knot—do you like best? You may utilize the knowledge you get from examining the jewelry you currently possess to assist you in defining your own unique sense of style. Going shopping together may also help you zero in on the ring style that is most suited to your own taste.

Considerations Related to Wedding Ring Style

Should we match or should we not match? The concept of matching may be construed in a few different ways.

  • Do you want the rings you wear on your wedding day to be identical? Even though this has always been the custom, over the years it has been less popular owing to a number of factors. One of these factors is a desire for a metal that is harder and less prone to scratching. Another factor is a shift in personal style.
  • Do you want the rings that you’re going to marry her with to match? It is not required by any requirement that the wedding rings match the design of the engagement ring, even if the engagement ring is of the same style. However, the two rings should complement each other, which means that you may get a wedding band that will “go with” the ring even if it was not intended for the ring specifically. Because you will be responsible for managing a whole set by yourself, this calls for a somewhat higher level of design sensibility.

Just Remember the Meaning of the Wedding Rings

The act of exchanging wedding rings as a sign of one’s commitment to their spouse during the wedding ceremony itself is a very memorable moment. Remember that particular time when you are faced with a number of options that appear overwhelming or start to blend together in your thoughts. Relax and take pleasure in the experience; there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the wedding rings you choose. Go with whatever style your heart tells you and you and your partner decide works well in your budget and represents you as a couple.


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Irish Traditions, Irish Wedding Traditions

How to Find the Ideal Engagement and Wedding Rings

Your undying love for one another is represented by the wedding ring that you wear together. It will be worn on a regular basis as a constant reminder of your promises to one another and as a public declaration of your dedication to one another.

When shopping for such an important piece of jewelry, many couples want to do so jointly because it requires some serious consideration and is such an essential investment. It’s not uncommon for the bride to have a clear vision of the engagement ring she envisions for herself, while the groom may not have given the subject any attention at all. In either case, the guidance that follows provides all of the information that you require to make a well-informed buying decision.

Women’s Wedding Rings

The wedding band is traditionally worn on the finger furthest away from the heart, while the engagement ring is worn on the same finger but is worn on top of the wedding ring. If you intend to wear your ring in a conventional way, you need to give some thought to how the individual rings will stack with one another.

Some rings are sold as part of what is known as an “engagement set,” which contains both the wedding band and the engagement ring and was designed from the beginning to fit together perfectly. Some individuals favor the symmetrical appearance of this design, which features two rings that are made of the same type of metal and have diamonds or other gems that are the same size and form.

However, a trend that is gaining popularity with today’s bride is to pick a wedding band in a style that does not match the style of the engagement ring. This is a departure from the traditional practice of having the wedding ring match the engagement ring. This is especially appropriate in situations in which the groom picked the engagement ring as a surprise when he proposed to his future bride. Although the design and style of these rings do not need to be coordinated in any way, it is recommended that you use rings made of the same metal wherever possible.

You might also give up metal bands in favor of a band that sparkles like diamonds when they play. Remember that a prong setting allows in more light for the greatest sparkle and that a channel setting protects diamonds from abrasion — a concern if you lead a highly busy lifestyle. If you pick a diamond wedding ring, know that a prong setting lets in more light for the most shine. The infinity band and the three-stone band are both popular kinds of diamond rings. The former has a continuous row of diamonds that wrap around the finger to represent an unbreakable bond, while the latter refers to the wearer’s past, present, and future.

The use of gemstones in ladies’ wedding bands is also becoming increasingly common. These can be bold or understated, and they are offered in designs that are comparable to those of diamond wedding rings.

Last but not least, a plain metal ring made of gold, silver, white gold, platinum, or even titanium, bronze, or copper can serve as the ideal complement to the luster of your engagement stones. As a tribute to fashion, tradition, or a particular subject, many different types of bands can be purchased with intricately carved motifs, such as Celtic knots. A women’s wedding band with an intricate pattern might be the ideal finishing touch for an engagement ring with a more understated appearance.

Men’s Wedding Rings

It’s not a hard and fast rule, but some couples opt to get wedding bands that are identical to each other to signify that their hearts and lives will also be matched once they are married. Because they will be wearing their wedding band on a daily basis for the remainder of their married life, many men pick a wedding ring that is a reflection of their individual sense of style and personality.

Consider purchasing a men’s wedding ring that has elaborate motifs carved into it, such as Celtic knots or other designs that reflect your particular preferences or possibly your ancestry, if you have an appreciation for pattern and design.

This piece of jewelry is worn on a daily basis, so having diamonds or other gemstones implanted into a wedding ring is a great way to add personality and flair to the item. Many times, a men’s wedding band is the only piece of jewelry that a guy will ever wear. Because of this, many men choose to spend a bit extra money on their wedding ring so that it may accurately portray their own preferences and sense of fashion.

Several Important Factors to Take Into Account

Even simple metal bands do not all have the same form. When you cut through the band of a wedding ring, the cross-section might range from fully round (halo profile) to flat. The most comfortable profiles are often those with a rounded inner surface, such as the halo or the court profile, which has a rounded inner and outer surface. This is known as a comfort fit wedding ring.

The flat with softened edges court profile provides a more contemporary aesthetic by providing a flat outside surface with a comfortable rounded inside edge. Rings with square edges, such as the flat profile, can nip and irritate the flesh around the finger joints, causing discomfort. Rounded wedding bands move more easily and cause fewer issues.

Choosing Where to Purchase a Wedding Ring

Finding wedding rings is an important part of wedding planning.  The Wedding Report estimates that in 2010, consumers spent more than one billion dollars purchasing wedding jewelry and engagement jewelry online. Why? Because there is more competition for an online retailer than for a retail location, the online retailer is required to keep prices low in order to maintain a competitive edge. In addition, because an online retailer does not need to maintain an actual brick-and-mortar location, which eliminates a number of associated costs and taxes, the online retailer is frequently able to pass these savings on to the customer.

In addition, purchasing jewelry from an internet jeweler can provide you with access to rings that have genuine authenticity, such as rings with Celtic or Irish motifs that come from a jeweler situated in Ireland. In order to design and/or make their rings, internet retailers like The Irish Jewelry Company frequently collaborate with regional craftsmen and craftspeople. This is something that the majority of “big box” retail jewelers are unable to do for their customers.

Have You Heard about these wedding customs?

Place the Ring on the Finger

In some regions of England, the groom would say, “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” as he placed the ring halfway onto the bride’s thumb and the next two fingers, in order to ensure that the ring would always remain on the next finger, which is what we refer to as the “ring finger” today.

Some of the stunning Celtic knot patterns have beautiful connotations that are particularly fitting for a wedding ring, including the following:

A Celtic Knot

In their spare time, Celtic sailors would spend their time at sea weaving rope mementos for their families and friends back on land to take with them as souvenirs. The Celtic Sailor’s Knot is comprised of two entwined ropes that are bound together as one and have come to represent the union of two as one. This is the perfect way to describe a modern bride and groom since they are both two individuals who have come together to become one.

Serch Bythol

The everlasting love represented by this Celtic sign is made up of two triskeles, which are knots with three corners and represent the body, mind, and spirit respectively. When placed next to one another, the two triskeles form a circle, which represents the unending cycle of eternity. As a result, the symbol is meant to depict two individuals who are tied together in body, mind, and soul by an unending love.


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Celtic Jewelry, Irish Jewelry, Irish Wedding Traditions

Finding Celtic Wedding Rings: Expectations vs. Reality

Celtic Wedding Rings by The Irish Jewelry Company
Celtic Wedding Rings by The Irish Jewelry Company

Celtic wedding bands are an obvious option to go for if you and your future spouse have Irish ancestry or simply have a deep appreciation for all things Irish. There are literally hundreds of different designs available, and some vendors even specialize in selling wedding rings with Celtic knots, claddaghs, and various other Irish designs engraved on them.

Authentic and Unique Wedding Rings

The Irish Jewelry Company is an excellent source for wedding bands especially Unique Celtic Wedding Rings that feature Celtic patterns. They have been specializing in Irish jewelry and wedding rings in particular for more than three decades. The rings are all hand-crafted in the US and Ireland. Many of the Celtic wedding rings, are available in a variety of precious metals that can be chosen by you.

The Irish Jewelry Company has a large selection of unique Celtic Wedding Rings and offers dozens of beautiful options for your wedding day.

  • The Aran Claddagh Wedding Band is available for men and women. This Aran Rope Claddagh Wedding Band is a finely crafted Irish master piece accented in all sterling silver. This designer claddagh wedding band is inspired by the warmth of the Irish wool fibers twisted into the beautiful and strong yarn that is knitted into traditional Aran sweaters.
  • Their collection of Trinity Knot Wedding Bands are another lovely option. The trinity knot wedding ring is also represent the Holy Trinity and is a symbol of eternal faith. In modern times the Trinity knot is now interpreted as the Irish love knot. The trinity knot’s interlaced and unbroken lines symbolize spiritual growth, eternal life and undying love.

You can find whatever it is that you’re looking for here, whether it be a simple Celtic wedding band made of sterling silver or a Celtic knot pattern with two different colors.
You may also find jewelry for men and women in a variety of metals, such as sterling silver, white and yellow gold (10k, 14k, and 18k), and mixed metals. These metals can be found in men’s and women’s styles.

Prices range from approximately $169 for a straightforward form made of sterling silver wedding bands to over $2,000 for one made of 14k gold wedding bands.

The Procuring of Merchandise

The Irish Jewelry Company is an e-commerce establishment with headquarters in the state of New York. They also have a comprehensive collection of rings available online, which means you can place an order from any location and have the ring sent to you.
The costs of shipping can vary.

The reviews that previous clients have left for this establishment consistently express how satisfied they were with their purchases here. They were thrilled with the Irish wedding rings they received, and the delivery was both quick and secure.

Celtic Wedding Rings

The Irish Jewelry Company offers a great selection of Claddagh wedding bands, Celtic Wedding Rings and is another great resource for Irish wedding traditions. The company is located in US and imports from Ireland, but ships rings all over the world.

The Fabled Rings

Whether you are looking for Celtic knot wedding rings, claddagh wedding rings, or bands with Irish lettering on them, you will discover a variety of alternatives for Celtic bands here.
You can order rings that match each other because the majority of ring types are produced for both men and women. Alternatively, you can simply select the ring that complements each of your own styles the most.

The gorgeous Embossed Trinity Wedding Ring is available in either a design made of two-tone yellow and white gold or a design made of 14k yellow gold with a simple repeating pattern of trinity knots.

The Claddagh Wedding Ring Silver & Gold is yet another lovely affordable choice; it is made of 14k gold and silver, it features a claddagh motif in two different colors.

Your Wedding Band Deserves Your Love

While you are out looking for Celtic wedding bands, make sure to give some thought to the variety of options. Considering that your wedding ring is a significant investment, it is also a good idea to educate yourself about the policies of the business as well as its reputation. You’ll end up with a wedding band that you’ll adore for the rest of your life if you take your time and do your research before making a decision.