Irish Traditions

Our New Birthstone Claddagh Ring

Our Birthstone Claddagh Ring is brilliant. Be inspired. Choose a birthstone to mark a special occasion like a graduation or anniversary or to express your personal philosophy.

The story of the Claddagh is so romantic. Long ago a young man was captured and sold into slavery from the fishing village of Claddagh. Many years passed and he wondered if his true love would wait for him. Over the years he stole tiny bits of gold from his master to make her a ring. He fashioned a heart for love, a crown for loyalty and hands as a symbol of friendship. After many years he finally returned home to Claddagh. Upon his return and to his joy he discovered his true love had waited for him. He gave her the ring as a symbol of their love, loyalty and friendship forever known now as the Claddagh. Do you have someone in your life to which you pledge your love, loyalty and friendship forever? Giver her this stunning emerald Claddagh heart ring and watch her eyes light up.

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