Celtic Knot Meanings

Celtic Eternity Knot…..

The Celtic eternity knot an ancient symbol of an interwoven spiritual path, endless love and friendship. The eternity knot is a symmetrical knot that ties into its self without a visible beginning or end. The saying, “tying the knot” means to get married or engaged originates from the ancient Celtic custom of hand-fasting. In this Celtic custom of a couple having their hands bound together with an endless knot (or an eternity knot) in a symbolic ritual that binds them together as one forever.


Our Celtic Eternity Knot Necklace is very chic and cool. Featuring a contemporary chunky silver Celtic eternity knot center, this necklace puts a stylish modern twist to an ancient Celtic symbol. Exclusively by The Irish Jewelry Company. This design and it’s images are copyrighted © by The Irish Jewelry Company

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